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How would you like to live your life, FREE from the burden of toxic emotions weighing you down and keeping you from your ideal Self?


The Freedom Journal is a guided 90-day workbook to help find Freedom of Self, Healing & emancipation from all the emotions and beliefs standing in our way.


It's as deeply introspective as it is inspirational, filled with probing questions to help you look within and write out your darkest experiences and raw emotions...  but it doesn't stop there...  it lifts you up with education in psychology and spirituality, brings you down in introspection to the hard topics we stuff away, and lifts you back up with encouragement as each chapter unfolds.


It helps you find your purpose, your ideal self, and calls out the excuses you've been holding onto that keep your higher self from flourishing.


Then, you're gonna light it on fire, and be transformed by the energy of the Pheonix.  


It's time to burn what no longer serves you.  Let it go, and feel the weights be relieved from your shoulders as you lean into the person you've always wanted to be.


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