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The Full Story


You are about to take an incredible journey into Self in ways that only a small percentage of people have. What you will learn, I designed together from my experience in the 12 Steps, the laws and principles of success, and various other spiritual doctrines and psychology.

5 years ago, I was broken, lonely, lost, hopeless and homeless after a lifetime of crime and addiction.

Today I have Freedom beyond my wildest dreams because I choose to work on my character defects, find positive outlets and heal from my past traumas.  Today I have self acceptance that allows me the freedom to accomplish anything I want in life, and my goal is to inspire that same acceptance in YOU.

You are your greatest gift, just waiting to be opened and delivered to the world.

- Mike Ashe, Author/Entrepreneur



The Freedom Journal is meant to inspire awareness and the possibility of inner freedom in ways that serve the growth and happiness of others.

When people work on themselves from the inside>out, all barriers and obstacles can be overcome. A society of people seeking inner truth and personal development will be a society that values honesty, integrity, love and infinite possibility.

If we tackle ourselves first, societal problems turn into inevitable solutions that actually work.


Our vision is to build a community of beautiful people focused on overcoming their greatest obstacle...  themselves.

Through content, podcasts, speaking engagements and community programs, DreamXL sees impact as a duty and a requirement for the betterment of the world.

We hope to share that vision with like minded people who can help inspire change on an individual level up through our communities and society as a whole.

Camp Fire

you owe.

You owe it to yourself to become the greatest version of yourself possible.

Free from guilt, from shame, from the things that happened to you...
Free from character defects, low self worth, missed opportunities and communication that doesn't serve your relationships.
That freedom comes with a cost, but it's value is irreplaceable.

It starts and ends with YOU.
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