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  • How does this book help me gain self-acceptance?
    Self acceptance is at the root of our self-worth and self-esteem. When we analyze our faults, beliefs and past behaviors we have an opportunity to gain greater awareness in accepting them for what they are. Then we find out who we want to be, while taking positive actions to combat previously negative ones. - Mikey K. / Author
  • Do i have to share the contents with someone else?
    No. No you do not, the act of writing and burning the book will help to release years of toxic emotions, beliefs and past history... but... telling your secrets to another human being allows you to NEVER have to carry them around anymore in ways that don't serve your growth. Don't allow the fear of embarrassment or judgement stop you from obtaining the true internal freedom you deserve. - Rhiannon Blankenship, Manager
  • How long does it take to ship?
    So look, we are in crazy times right now. The short answer is, while books are in stock, they will ship the same or next day. However, as we continue to grow and produce more books, the self-publishing industry is facing massive paper shortages around the world- and to manage expectations we are asking for a 15 day lead time before shipping and handling. All we ask as a small business, is that all parties remain patient and respectful while knowing we are doing our best to handle all current supply obstacles! - Mikey K./ Author
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